Travelling to Hungary

Traveling to Hungary can of course been done by car or public transportation, but most easy, quick and quite cheap is by Air.

Driving means travelling to Hungary thru the Netherlands, Belgium or France, thru Germany, Austria en then to Slovenia and, or directly, to Hungary. Please be ware you need a ticket to use the highway in Austria and in Hungary.

Fly with one of the price fighters like Easyjet, Wizzair, Jet2, Ryanair etc. to Budapest. After you bought your house and want to fly regularly it is worthwhile getting a subscription on the newsletters. Now and then they will have nice offers!.

you can fly to Budapest (centrally located in Hungary), for Tisza and North you might try Debrecen and for the west more and more flights maybe will come to Héviz. For now to Hévíz there only fly some tour operators from Germany.

When you are in Budapest I would advise you to rent a car. I myself have good experiences with USave. Their company is located 5 minutes’ drive from the airport, but part of their services is picking you up at the airport (for free) and bring you to the car. After all paperwork is done you are almost immediately on your way. Thrifty is located nearby the motorways.

Of course we are happy to advise you with an hotel, or to book you one, but you can also have a look yourself. is a worldwide organisation with nice offering. Hotels you can book easily at

Spent the nights during your trip.

If you want to spent the night in the are you will have your appointment to start house hunting we can give you some idea’s.

Western Hungary

In Sárvár we can recommend you to spent the night at Joker Apartments. Nice apartments only 200 meters from the Thermal spa in a quiet and pleasant environment They offer you representative rooms with own bathroom and a well-equipped kitchen. Parking place is provided in the closed yard. Within a couple of 100 meters you can find every service what you need for a comfortable holiday. More you can read here.

Important.!! When you decide to buy a house with the help of our agent in Sárvár you can spent one night for free in Joker Apartments.

Airbnb of will give you plenty of choice and you can alwasy ask our help to book you a hotel.

Other regions.

Everywhere you can find rooms to let, or small pension’s. Especially in the South and Balaton area there is enough to find. Of course we can help you book an accommodation.

Enjoying Budapest for a few days. can help you to find a nice accommodation.