Lake Balaton Hungary

Lake Balaton accounts mainly for the popularity of Hungary. This lake is one of the largest in Europe. Tourism is on the rise all around the lake. Together with Budapest, Lake Balaton is one of the main tourist areas.

This is often a reason to purchase a property here. Down side may be the fact that it can be quite busy in this area which, on the other hand makes it a nice and lively area. Hungarian peace and calm can be found easily though, and is never far away.

We offer houses at the South shore and West-North area. Both nice and touristic, but also relaxing in the village nearby.


Balaton is a lake, a huge lake , of which the water level may drop in the very warm summers. An alternative area from Balaton is the Tisza area, situated in the more Eastern part of Hungary and abounding in water. Lake Tisza and the Tisza area are not yet discovered by mass tourisme but certainly an area in process of growth. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the water, such as boating, swimming and fishing. Houses prices here are considerably cheaper than on Lake Balaton.

Our estate agent will be pleased to show you properties that are on offer in the many small Tisza villages.