Budapest apartment

The real estate market in Budapest is quite different from the "normal" buying a house in the rest of Hungary. The market in Budapest fluctuates much more rapidly than in other parts of Hungary. Where a house in Hungary can be for sale years and years, an apartment in Budapest may be sold in weeks.

It is therefore important to have a good look at the market. Did you find what you want and decided to buy an apartment, do not hesitate too long. Naturally our agent is willing to help where you need it and he gives you all of the services needed.

Offerings on apartments in Budapest

Sorry, but due to quick changing market in Budapest is also difficult to continually present a current overview of apartments which are for sale and are immediately available. This can make it difficult to plan a visit. Therefore the offer of apartments in Budapest we more consider it as a way to help you orientate and from there start searching for your apartment in Budapest. In practice, it often works well to combine a visit to the city to look for an apartment. Obviously, we are preparing the visit as well as possible and that information goes to the agent. He meets you, discuss what you are looking for, and if it is possible you are going to look for apartments. Is that not the case, you can enjoy a day in the city and in the meantime the agent is searching his database, the market, contacts colleagues, etc. The next day you meet again to see apartments.

Return-On-Investment on an apartment in Budapest.

In the area of rental, and even of renovating and selling apartments in Budapest, there are still opportunities. In Budapest you buy an apartment and modernize it and get it rented out. Of course you can also sell it after modernizing. Still good opportunities.

If you are interested to learn more on buying an apartment in Budapest we adcise you contact our partner Bradley Edwards and Associates