Buying a property in Hungary

For buying a property in Hungary there are several steps to follow. When you have found your property, the place of your dreams, all kind of things have to be arranged by the estate agent and a solicitor.

Buying Procedure starts.

The preliminary deed will be made, which is binding for both vendor and buyer. This means that the vendor knows that the buyer will be obliged to buy. You will have to pay therefore about 10% -  20% deposit. When changing your mind on the purchase you will lose your deposit. The solicitor and the estate agent will do the survey (land registry /register of real estate, to check to see if the house is mortgaged etc.)

If all is ok, you can start buying a property in Hungary. There will be the exchange of contracts and the property is yours. You are now the owner of a Hungarian house. Congratulations. More on the details you can read on our page "Buying Procedure".