Properties in Hungary

First you will be looking for an area. Next step is selecting properties in Hungary. A house must feels right for you when purchasing a property. If you are looking mainly for an investment opportunity we recommend the Balaton and Tisza area. Because of the thermal baths this will be the best location for a return on your investment. Here you can make use of the property for a longer part of the year.

Including all costs.

There is a lot to say about prices of houses in Hungary. But when buying at Hungarian Houses you will know exactly what you are going to pay for your property. When dealing with us, your Hungarian estate agent will give you a clear calculation of the costs and our prices are "all-in". All costs that are involved with buying properties in Hungary are included.

There will be quite some difference here in the price the vendor may ask. With us, all costs of purchasing will be added to the asking price.

Your Hungarian estate agent will also put mains electricity, water and, when applicable, gas in your name. Of course there will be no charge for these services. These are the main reasons for differences in some of the prices of properties.