Tisza Lake Hungary

The Tisza lake is after Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Hungary and is made but by human hands. The lake was created in the seventies of the last century by the construction of dams on the river Tisza. In the newly created, very special water world currently live weather animals like the beaver, who previously were extinct. Also nest there (very) protected birds and aquatic life fifty species. Around the Tisza lake is also the largest water lily field.


The other big lake Balaton in Hungary is of course. This lake is certainly one of Hungary's main tourist attraction. This lake, or almost an inland sea is one of the largest in Europe. Everywhere around the Balaton tourism appear. Lake Balaton is thus, in addition to Budapest, one of the main pillars for tourism in Hungary. Often this is also the rerason to buy a house in that area. Read more about Lake Balaton