Sending Money Abroad

When you bought a property in Hungary, you need to consider how to send your money abroad safely and securely.

You can come in person and pay in cash, but of course you can also trans money. This will need to be transferred to the lawyers account and you can transfer from you bank or use a specialist company to exchange money and have it transferred. I myself ran into Formost Currency Group and have good experiences with them.

All up to you who to use, but consider company’s like FCG can save you money by offering the best foreign exchange rates and achieving a better exchange rate than your bank. Your transaction is completely secure and you’ll have peace of mind as your dedicated currency broker guides you through the process.

You can not only use them to buy Hungarian forint and transfer the house price, but you can also use them by periodically transfer money to your Hungarian account as you will also need to pay for electric, water etc.. To get started, simply open an account . – it's free and without obligation.

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