House in Dióskál, Zala, Hungary

Price: £17.487
Price: £17.487
Address: Dióskál, Zala , Hungary
Object ID: 4218
Lot size: 1064 m2
Last Renovation: 2006 m2
House size: 55 m2
Built of: Loam
Built around: 1943
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Property Description:

Nice house where you can quickly move in. Is at a corner in a small village at 15 km from lake Balaton.

Property is in good order. Is not very big with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, but nicely located on the corner of two streets.

Electricity, water and gas are there. There is a septic tank for the drainage and the house is heated with gas convectors. Telephone and internet can be connected.

The house can be found in the village Dióskál. Dióskál is at 15 km from the Balaton and on the west side of the Kis Balaton park. In the village live around 500 inhabitants and the larger places aar Keszthely andis Zalakaros on a 15 km from here. Beautiful natural rolling environment.

Great house in good condition to quickly enjoy your holiday.