Hungarian Homes

In this page of the website we would like to give you some overall information about buying Hungarian Homes. What to do when buying a property, the kind of house and the location.

Is it going to be a house, a cottage or a farm house on Lake Balaton, or perhaps several properties and considering letting out. The Estate Agents of Hungarian Houses are pleased to help you and give you all the information you'll need.

We are aware that this website may not give you all the answers there fo,r don't hesitate to ask any question about properties in Hungary send us an e-mail.

Have you always had plans of buying a property in Hungary? Then have a look at Hungarian Houses. We are an Hungarian Estate Agent, situated in Hungary and run by Hungarian agents.

Where to look for Hungarian Homes.

Your Hungarian home can be situated in several places. We have several Hungarian Houses for sale in our offerings. It is therefore very important to carefully consider about all the regions we are active in, and find the place that is perfect for you. We have five main areas. Most loved area at the moment is South West Hungary. Easy accessible and good value for your money. We have nice offerings around the city called Nagykanizsa. Next is west of Lake Balaton with Hévíz en Keszthely as the centre. Then South of Balaton in the area Balatonboglar – Marcali (nice hilly area, authentic Hungary, but not poor and not too far from Lake Balaton and bigger cities ).These are west of Budapest. Then east of Budapest you will find the more authentic Hungary. Bit older, not that modern, but lovely villages and nature. Here we offer houses around Tisza Lake (Tiszafüred and Abádszalók are the centres) and in the Northern Mountains (Bükk mountains) in the villages around Eger – Miskolc. As you see quit a lot of possibilities. All charming areas in their own way.

How to proceed?.

After deciding to buy a property, the best way to find your house is of course by going to Hungary. The only way to get a true picture of the properties and the areas is by paying a visit. Our estate agents in Hungary will be pleased to assist you and give you all the information and viewings you need based on your wishes and availability of objects at that moment.