Apartment in Szigetvár, Barany, Hungary

£35.326 All-in costs, excluding 4% tax
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Object ID: 5167
Address: Szigetvár, Baranya, Hungary
Category: South - Baranya
Property type: Apartment
House size: 54 m2
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Price: Ft16.250.000 All-in costs, excluding 4% tax £35.326 (rate 460 Ft per £)
€40.625 (rate 400 Ft per €)
Property description:

Apartment of 54 m2 in a quiet part of Szigetvár.

Great option if you want to live in Hungary and don't want to worry about the garden. In the apartment living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. All accessible from the hallway. There is also a pantry.

Appartement is located on the 4th floor.

Apartment is fully serviced. Electricity, water and gas. There is the sewage system for drainage. The apartment is centrally heated. Connecting telephone and Internet is no problem.

Szigetvár is a medium-sized city in the southwest. You will find all the conveniences that a city can offer you. From the large retail chains to a cozy centre where you can sit on a terrace or go out for dinner. There are schools, a hospital, parks, etc. Everything nearby.

Fine opportunity to live in Hungary without any worries.