House in Kenyeri, Vas, Hungary

£13.607 All-in costs, excluding 4% tax
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Object ID: 6087
Address: Kenyeri, Vas, Hungary
Category: West Hungary
Property type: House
Lot size: 1670 m2
House size: 159 m2
Built of: Stone
Garage: yes
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Price: Ft4.900.000 All-in costs, excluding 4% tax £13.607 (rate 360 Ft per £)
€15.313 (rate 320 Ft per €)
Property description:

Large property where renovation has already started.

The house must be refurbished. You can clearly see that and especially on the outside. Work has already started inside. Water and electricity pipes have been replaced and there is also some material ready to proceed. Like the tiles are already present.

Great big house. 3 rooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms are available and the attic can also be converted into, for example, bedrooms.

Various outbuildings in the garden.

Facilities like electricity and water are available. Gas can be connected. The drainage is connected to the sewerage system. Telephone and Internet can be connected.

You will find this complex in the village of Kenyeri. Almost 1000 inhabitants live in Kenyeri and it is not far from Sárvár (17 km) and from the Bük golf course (23 km). The Panonniaring, known to the racing fanatics, is at a distance of 10 km. Everything here in the area for shopping, fun going to a restaurant, walking or cycling and of course the beautiful thermal bath in Sárvár. Kenyeri is easily accessible from the west. Vienna (airport) is at 145 km.

Special property. Very big, lots of space, but also a lot of work.